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Deixe nos comentários a sua submissão para missão 2, lembre-se você pode postar sua submissão que ela não ficará visível para outros membros!!

Leave your submission for mission 2 in the comments, remember you can post your submission that it will not be visible to other members !!


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Festa de aniversário com temática do Halloween para comemorar os 18 anos do Portal Tibia, Tudo financiado pelo grande mago Alawar. 🙂


Hydan Aymon - Nefera



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Hi! This is my submission:

I tried to recreate Epaminondas and his famous Hydromel!

I used Ctrl + N to hide my name and a chameleon rune so I wouldn't get on the way of the art I made 🙂




... but if you need the screenshot where I'm visible I took that too.


I hope you like it and Congratulations on your anniversary 18th!

Character name: Aynnah

World: Talera

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Hydromel is made from honey, so I made  my VS art with honeycombs. Happy Birthday Portal Tibia! 🙂

Name: Tynusiiaa / Server: Antica




uncut version


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Nick: Frozen Thug

Server: Talera

Resolvi fazer duas canecas do melhor hydromel do mundo, para brindar por mais um ano do Portal Tibia e muitos mais por vir.
Assim como na arte de rua na vida real, assinei no final com um pequeno “VS”.



Versão completa do client


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First of all, Congratulations and a Happy 18th anniversary of PortalTibia.com.br!
For this special time I decided to create art related with Epaminondas and portal to other dimension created by Wyda. Inside portal, you can see the acronym "V S" that reminds about beloved Vila Scapula!

Name: Norelli

Server: Premia

Final Screenshot:

I hided names but if you need it I have also screenshots with visible names.


Original Screenshot:



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Decidi criar uma homenagem para a bruxa Wyda que nos deus a oportunidade de conservar o melhor hidromel das terras tibianas! Além disso, as bravas almas daqueles que se foram na Vila Scapula não foram esquecidas e aqui estão presentes para que possamos brindar todos juntos!

O tesouro da festa, o delicioso hidromel, é representado não só na assinatura e na arte nas ruas, como também na arte verbal - embora esta não se assemelhe à excelência das canções dos bardos.

Um brin de ao Portal Tibia! Skol!

Screenshot Final:



Screenshot Original:



Name: Sinuosa

Server: Relembra



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First entry 

Character: Recoba

World: Quintera 

And here we are in Vila Scapula everyone together after many deaths, madness, courage and friendship. 

The party is located in the winery of Vila Scapula, in which the plants grow and the art of making HYDROMEL happens.

We are celebrating the success of every merchant. From now on, everyone will be able to buy/sell their items as they wish: with low fee.
We don’t know the details yet, that’s what Epaminondas and Wyda are discussing, while everyone is having fun, drinking hydromel and eating the delicious food that Gordon Ramsay is cooking for us. 

Meanwhile... the Black Knight is stuck in the doll, being manipulated by the Bonelords.

Too bad... He can’t taste the delicious hydromel... 
He will be kept in Vila Scapula for the good of everyone...

As long as bonelords keep and eye into him... everyone will be fine.



I hope you like it. 🙂

Edited by Javieeer

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Second  entry 

Chelsea ruddy 


There’s a boat in Vila Scapula that, during the war, used to serve as a secret portal to Vila Scapula, it saved many lifes.  
Nowadays, we turned the boat into a theater, in memory of the war and all the people who died for the cause. 

There’s a famous saying: The art of the act. 
Every actor is free to express theirself and to recreate the history of the war between the black knight and wyda. 
For that reason we named it: Freedom 

How ironic..... when it comes to the Black Knigh, he takes part in the acts as a punishment for his evil soul. We built a jail for him in the boat, to make sure he doesn’t escape even thought it wouldn’t be so hard to find him since the bonelords should know where he is at given time.  

The boat turned into a place to tribute our dead warriors and to never forget what’s behind Vila scapula. 

If only I could tell... <giggles>



Edited by Javieeer

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