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Criaturas Misticas

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Bem, venho através deste tópico para discutir como podemos atualizar essa resposta baseando-se na explicação da NPC An Ancient Priest:


An Ancient Priest: Only slowly the humans became a power on their own. They learned from the desert, they learned from its inhabitants and finally, they learned how to communicate with its spirits.
An Ancient Priest: The spirits of nature and of the animals began to talk to selected individuals. Individuals that used forbidden arts derived from what had been stolen from the lizards.
An Ancient Priest: In the jungle, the humans had learned some of the most basic principles of magic through observation and experimentation. ...
 An Ancient Priest: Although everything connected with the lizard was seen as tainted, many of the greatest minds turned their attention to those studies.
An Ancient Priest: The first shamans of mankind wielded only little power and there was only a small distinction between magic and making fire or creating a tool. ...
An Ancient Priest: But when their dabbling with magic brought them into connection with the spirit world it became a breakthrough.
An Ancient Priest: The spirits talked to the shamans and taught them many new things. The rock revealed its secrets and taught the humans to build with stone and to melt ore to metal. The water taught them about the places where to find it and how to conserve it. ...
An Ancient Priest: The scorpion taught the use of poison and medicine, explained how to craft an armor and told them much about warfare. Many more spirits revealed their secrets, big and small.
An Ancient Priest: With the emergence of these secrets, the shamans came out of hiding and boldly rose to power. Fights ensued and only the most mighty would prevail as leaders.
An Ancient Priest: The most powerful shaman and fighter became the chieftain and the others became priests under his rule. ...
An Ancient Priest: The chieftain married only into the families of priests and soon the first dynasty emerged.
An Ancient Priest: When the dynasty emerged, the chieftains were called Pharaohs. They were the absolute rulers on this side of the mountains. Soon the caves were abandoned and people left for fortified settlements.
An Ancient Priest: When the caves were abandoned, Horestis ordered to rebuild them into a temple and a tomb at once.
An Ancient Priest: Wide parts of the caves were planned to become a temple where the spirits of nature could be worshipped. ...
An Ancient Priest: It served as spiritual centre of the realm and Horestis's tomb was an integral part of the complex.
An Ancient Priest: For a few generations after Horestis's death, the complex has been used as planned by the Pharaoh. ...
An Ancient Priest: Then the interest in the old spirits waned and new rulers embraced more sinister secrets ...
An Ancient Priest: Those were stolen and traded from the lizards and gained by bargains with the envious and reclusive scarab spirit. ...
An Ancient Priest: The spirits turned more and more away from the humans and the humans turned away from the spirits. So the old pact had been broken.

Como podem ver, alguns símbolos de animais podem estar relacionados com essa questão dos espíritos. Não ser dizer sobre símbolos de snake já que pode ser uma representação da snake god dos lizards mas agora com esse atual update, tem a Cobra Shrine em Darama então temos:

estatuas de scorpion, hyena, snake, cobra, simbolos/amuletos de scarab, repetindo, tudo em Darama.

O que vcs acham disso?

já se esbarraram em outros relatos que possam ajudar a justificar essas múltiplas criaturas representadas na mesma região?

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