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Entrevista com Lionet

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This year, the Tibia Wiki team interviewed Lionet, member of game content team! In this interview he talks a bit about his inspirations, RPG, creatures to levels 400+ new city for free accounts and more! Good read.


Ps.: The questions were sent before the last update, but answered only now.


Tibia Wiki: Hauopa Lionet, thanks for taking some of your time to participate in this interview.

Lionet: Hauopa TibiaWiki! :)


Tibia Wiki: What exactly is your daily role in CipSoft?

Lionet: I'm working on the content updates for Tibia. This includes quests, NPCs, scripting and level design. I am also currently working on certain guidelines for our internal processes concerning content design in Tibia.


Tibia Wiki: What do you use as inspiration to create content?

Lionet: Well, most of the time I try to do things that have NOT already been done. Especially in other games. I see gaming as a way of life and spend most of my free time with games. I guess I am inspired by them in about the same amount as I am stimulated by them to do something different. So if you play Tibia and pay attention to the details you will recognise that a bulk of the content is actually unique to our game and that's something I like to continue ;)


Tibia Wiki: What would you like to see in Tibia that for whatever reason has not been possible to implement?

Lionet: Hmm let's see. There's quite a lot actually! One thing I'd like to see is (believe it or not) a way to have pixel perfect and precise scaling of the graphics as I really adore pixel art, especially Tibia's pixel art ;) I would also like to see a lot more of the more complex activities Tibia offers. We already have baking bread, why not chop some wood and create furniture? :) Decisions about that are not mine to make, though.


Tibia Wiki: One of the recent mysteries that appeared in Tibia was the strange symbols. How did the idea come up? Can you tell us if there's a quest behind it?

Lionet: You found strange symbols in the game? Where? ;) Besides the obvious fun it is to see you guys figuring out all those little details we implemented, I actually do have something in mind for this, of course. Now... what were we talking about? I must have forgottoen ah yes, you had another question! :)


Tibia Wiki: The Chayenne's Realm Quest was a mystery that took several players to resolve it, is it planned to create new quests in this style, where the player does not have help from a NPC or Quest Log?

Lionet: Chances are indeed quite high that we will implement even more quests like that, just keep watching for clues ;)


Tibia Wiki: Do you think the Roleplaying is over and now the players are more concerned about levels?

Lionet: No. Levelling and looting is an important part of Tibia and always will be. But so is the roleplaying component ;) We always try to satisfy as large a group as possible, obviously we cannot always succeed. Roleplaying is still a major part of Tibia however, and there are a lot of things we want to add to make the game world even more immersive :)


Tibia Wiki: Currently Tibia has enough level 400 and 500+, how is the planning of creatures for players of these levels?

Lionet: We are aware of this development. Well, there are several ways to integrate players of this level range into the game and its current content. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to tell you any details about possible plans of adding specific content in this direction :)

Imagem Postada

Tibia Wiki: Why do we still have no weapons to fist fighting? Are there plans to implement them?

Lionet: While this is an interesting topic indeed, I can only say that there are currently no specific plans for this.


Tibia Wiki: Have you thought about creating a new city completely for free accounts?

Lionet: There are currently no plans to create a new city completely for free accounts. Most of the revamps we did in recent updates included free areas, however. I guess that will give them a new look at least.


Tibia Wiki: Doors with keys, holes picks and levers are some systems barely used nowadays, why are you stopping using them?

Lionet: Oh that depends on what we want players to do in a quest or how they should approach restricted areas and so on. Locked doors and keys not being used as frequently as in recent content updates has nothing to do with not wanting to implement these mechanics anymore ;)


Tibia Wiki: Do you still have plans to introduce the 3rd addon?

Lionet: That's an interesting question as well but there are no plans concerning the 3rd addon at the current time.


Tibia Wiki: The World Changes was a good thing in Tibia, providing a differentiated experience for the adventurers Any plan to add more? Can you tell us a bit about what the content team thinks about them?

Lionet: We currently have plans to make current world changes even more satisfying and also to add new ones with each of our updates. We aim to make them as enjoyable as possible, while keeping player feedback from already existing changes in mind. Several new features will hopefully help us to change them for the better. :)


Tibia Wiki: We know that Tibia has some items that can't be obtained in game, like Blessed Shield, are there plans to put them in the game someday?

Lionet: That depends on the item in question and what we want players to experience. Of course, I cannot give you any guarantees whether we will or will not do this or that. At the same time, however, rest assured that we don't want to trample down the history around certain items which so many players appreciate, and which are also part of Tibia's history and legends :)


Tibia Wiki: Many items that were once considered rare, now have several of them in Tibia, do you plan to introduce new rare items in the game?

Lionet: An item being "rare" is one part definition of the players and one part of making it actually hard to obtain ;)


Tibia Wiki: The summer update is very close, can you say something of what we can expect?

Lionet: Well you know about the first part of the update by now, I guess you'll have to wait for the start of the teasers of the second to find out more ;)


Tibia Wiki: Many players are unhappy with the current raid system, are there plans to change this area? If yes, can you tell us more details?

Lionet: This is indeed something we are currently working on. Several changes have already been made and released with the recent update and we will continue to do so in further updates.


Tibia Wiki: Many of the current bosses, like Orshabaal and Ferumbras, are no longer a challenge for many players, are there plans to revise these

bosses? And to create new bosses?

Lionet: We're well aware of the feedback and the wishes for more challenging bosses. That's all I can say at the moment ;)


Tibia Wiki: Are there plans for the creation of new Orcs and Minotaurs? I truly believe that these breeds could be better used, as it was done with the Lizards and Dwarfs.

Lionet: Well, the first part of this year's summer update added a completely new orc race, the rorcs :) And while I doubt they could be mistaken for Minotaurs, I guess you will also have quite some fun with the recently unleashed forest furies ;) That being said, we are constantly working on new creatures and variations for old ones, especially certain archetypes and races. I can't say all of what we have in store yet, though ;)


Tibia Wiki: Finally, in some worlds it's hard to find houses for rent in some cities, are there plans to build new houses in old cities?

Lionet: That's a very good question. I was reworking the houses in the recent Ab'Dendriel update, however, there are currently no plans for completely new houses in older cities. It wasn't the last time we revamped a city either. Some cities may require changing the existing houses or even adding new ones, though :)


We hope you enjoyed the interview as much as we enjoyed making it.

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Como ;) ele gosta ;) de usar isso ;) em todas as frases ;) da até agonia de ler ;). UHAUHUAHUHA


Enfim, bela entrevista... Realmente gostaria de ver mais casas implementadas. Seria muito legal, se também tivesse uma reformulação no sistema de andar das montarias.



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Legal ;)


Praticamente ele só deixou mais suspense em algumas perguntas e nos desiludiu em outras. ;)

Edited by Kat Woman

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Gostei muito da entrevista. Pelo visto vamos ter que ficar bem atentos no jogo para descobrir novas coisas ou quests.


Agora pensando, se tiver bichos pra lvls 400 ou 500+ ou até quests para esses jogadores, imagina o como vai influenciar no jogo. A pessoa será obrigada de certa forma a upar para ter acesso a isso, se ele quiser desfrutar de todos os benefícios do jogo.


Estou ansioso pela segunda parte e na torcida para que os bosses recebam a devida atenção. Principalmente na parte de como será obtido o loot.



Paranoic mode:


Referente aos ":)" e ";)"


Só falta ser um código secreto dele brincando, com alguma frase para ver se os leitores estão realmente atentos a tudo.


Mas espere, ele não faria uma coisas dessas? Ou faria? :turned:


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Boa entrevista.

EU acho que deveria duplicar a força do Ferumbras e quadruplicar a do Orshabaal.

Fala sério! Hoje Orshabaal é motivo de piada. Imagem Postada

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Na minha opinião Ferumbras deveria ser mais forte que Orshabaal


De qualquer maneira, gostei da entrevista. Nada muito revelador, é claro, mas coisas que sequer pensei, como fabricação de moveis por exemplo.


Repito porque sou chato: chars sentando em cadeiras.

Adoraria isso.


E por fim, achei o rapaz muito simpatico. Daria um CM melhor que Mirade

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Em relação aos bosses, não acho que deveriam ser modificados, por que deveriam ? Porém criar novos bosses, com novas estratégias, aí sim...

Uma coisa que eu sempre quis ver: op elfos D:

Sinto falta de simplesmente coletar alguns itens, e troca-los por um outfit/addon BONITO.

Como ja foi dito, perguntas ótimas, respostas nem tanto...

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Gostei da entrevista. As perguntas foram muito bem escolhidas, mas as respostas foram evasivas, como eu esperava.


Tibia Wiki: O que você gostaria de ver no Tibia que por qualquer motivo ainda não foi possível implementar?

Lionet: Hmm, vamos ver. Há várias coisas, na verdade! Uma coisa que eu gostaria de ver (acreditem ou não) é uma maneira de se obter uma escala de pixel perfeita e precisa para os gráficos, eu realmente adoro pixel art, especialmente pixel art do Tibia ;) Eu também gostaria muito de ver mais das atividades mais complexas que o Tibia oferece. Se já se assa pão, porque não cortar um pouco de madeira e criar móveis? :) No entanto, estas decisões não dependem só de mim.


Este trecho destacado me chamou muita atenção. Esta é a parte que sinto falta no Tibia, este tipo de ação que abre um grande leque de possibilidades; que nos dá novos motivos para logar e fazer alguma atividade; que torna o jogo mais dinâmico e mais RPGistico.

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Não fiquei satisfeito... ele posicionou-se extremamente na defensiva não dando uma opinião concreta sobre quase nada, apenas deixando mistério e "poderia" "queria" "gostaria" Na minha opinião é "ia" demais, ele não deu nem uma palinha sobre novidades ou deixou escapar nenhum detalhe sobre algo exclusivo... Apenas comentou sobre coisas já feitas e quando teve oportunidade, acabou for sair pela tangente...


Mas em geral uma boa entrevista, só faltou mais colaboração do entrevistado.

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