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    The Rage of The Ocean God, Sula

    Personagem: Bolt of Blue Mundo: Ombra Trata-se da quest para obtenção da Throwing Star of Sula, em que antigos heróis (matadores de demônios), mercenários e piratas se juntam para voltar às profundezas dos mares tibianos! Nome: The Rage of The Ocean God, Sula Recompensas: Throwing Star of Sula, habilidade de negociar com o Player level 1000 Localização: Schrödinger's Island, Meriana, Edron, Carlin Dificuldade: * (1/5) Duração da Quest: Longa Grupo: 1 Jogador Requerimentos: · Level 999 · Barbarian Outfit Quest (Addon 2 completo) · Demon Outfit Quest (Completa) · Eleonore Quest (completa) · Meriana Quest (completa) · The Ape City Quest (Completa) · The Inquisition Quest (Completa) · 10 platinum coins · 100 Berserk Potion Método Para começar essa missão você deverá ir até a Schrödinger's Island, passando a porta level 999 na Banuta e falar com o NPC Relaxed Bartender. Missão 1: A True Hero Sua missão é ajudar o Bartender a parar com os roubos que seu carregamento sofre. Para isto, fale com o Player Level 1000, Raymond Striker, Ariella e Relaxed Bartender. Jogador: Hi Relaxed Bartender: Greetings, traveller Jogador! Jogador: Exile Relaxed Bartender: Even a Hero needs a break. Jogador: Hero Relaxed Bartender: Before I can tell, I need help. Jogador: Help Relaxed Bartender: Well, I’m running out of supplies, and seems that a highly ranked and well known pirate is stealing my supply ships. If you help, maybe I can provide you some information. Ask for a mission anytime you feel ready. Jogador: Mission Relaxed Bartender: Good lucky on the hunt pal. Jogador: Hi Player Level 1000: Get Lost! Jogador: Lost Player Level 1000: That’s what pirates do, hahahaha! Jogador: Pirate Player Level 1000: Ah, you’re a pirate too! Jogador: Supplies Player Level 1000: I own this place and no one would dare to challenge me. Jogador: Challenge Player Level 1000: Do you think you can handle the pressure? Only Raymond Striker had challenged me so far, and I will still have my revenge! Jogador: Revenge Player Level 1000: What? Do you think you can avenge me? Raymond Striker is a thief, he would not let you get you his island alive. Jogador: Thief Player Level 1000: Yes, that bloodthirsty thief, stole the message from my beloved one! Jogador: Beloved Player Level 1000: Oh no no no, you are no match for Raymond Striker kid, but I surely would propose a deal for the one who dare to bring back the message for me! Jogador: Deal Player Level 1000: Since you insist, I accept your deal, bring me my message back and I won’t bother the Bartender anymore. Jogador: Hi Raymond Striker: Be greeted. Jogador: Player Level 1000 Raymond Striker: He is not a threat anymore. Jogador: Threat Raymond Striker: He will not bother these lands since I subdued him. Jogador: Subdue Raymond Striker: It’s an old matter, it doesn’t matter anymore. I need to care of this Island. Jogador: Hi Ariella: Hi there. Jogador: Player level 1000 Ariella: Oh, I miss him so much, but Raymond Striker would never let me visit him again. Jogador: Visit Ariella: I wrote a message and placed it in a bottle, but Ray took it and I will never be able to put It back on the ocean for my beloved one to read. Jogador: Message Ariella: Raymond Striker confiscated it, he now holds it into his house. He’s brokenhearted and thinks that everyone have to stay that way. Jogador: Hi Raymond Striker: Be greeted. Jogador: Brokenheart Raymond Striker: How dare you? You already sort out what happened between me and Eleonore Jogador: Ariella Raymond Striker: This is another subject, I will not spare anytime with that matter. Jogador: Message in a bottle Raymond Striker: I won’t let anyone deliver this message to that evil one. Jogador: Evil one Raymond Striker: He was once my comrade in the ship, but now I banned him from the seas! Jogador: Relaxed Bartender Raymond Striker: Oh, is he terrifying the land of the exileds? Jogador: Yes Raymond Striker: I will send the marine to deal these filthy rats, not even the rogue scouts, deserve to be stolen. Jogador: Bye Raymond Striker: May there always be wind in your sails. Jogador: Hi Relaxed Bartender: Greetings, traveller Jogador! Jogador: Mission Relaxed Bartender: Oh you are a very recognized person, Raymond Striker himself came to support me getting my supplies! Well, it seems that I owe you this one. Tell me? What do you want to know? Jogador: Exile Relaxed Bartender: Shhhh, don’t speak that loud, this is the land for the exiled ones and everyone has a story to tell. Jogador: Story Relaxed Bartender: Long ago, we use to serve the King as demon slayers, but some of us became so greedy, that even the richest of the kings wasn’t able to finance. And that’s when the battle of the heros took place, some of us stood together, and some, stood against. Jogador: Against Relaxed Bartender: That was the battle of Edron and by their leader, Daniel Steelsoul, the hero Avar Tar revoked my rights as True Dedicator, and therefore, confiscated my Demonic Set! And that’s when exile and oblivion stroked upon me, with nothing left to do and nowhere else to go, I took the last boat to this forgotten island. Missão 2: Regaining the Confidence Sua missão será descobrir porque o Bartender estava sendo roubado e para isto precisará falar com o Player Level 1000, Avar Tar e Daniel Steelsoul. Atenção, somente jogadores com o full Demon Outfit conseguirão abordar o tópico com Avar Tar. Jogador: Hi Player Level 1000: Get Lost! Jogador: Thief Player Level 1000: I servers whoever pays me! Jogador: Pay Player Level 1000: That’s a valuable information that I could never spare for free Jogador: Information Player Level 1000: Not even for gold I would tell Jogador: Platinum Player Level 1000: Err….. I mean, I could make an exception, but that would cost 10 precious platinum coins, are you willing to sacrifice that? Jogador: Yes Player Level 1000: Well, the pedantic hero hired me… Jogador: Pedantic Player Level 1000: Yes, that’s him, Avar Tar Jogador: Hi Avar Tar: Greetings, traveller Jogador! Jogador: Demons Avar Tar: Demons know and fear my name! It's not always easy to be a hero, you know? Jogador: Pedantic Hero Avar Tar: Oh, how dare you to mention this? Who Told you So.. Jogador: Player Level 1000 Avar Tar: That nasty pirate failed with the plans! Jogador: Plans Avar Tar: Daniel would never allow me to deal with you. Jogador: Hi Daniel Steelsoul: Greetings and Banor with you, Jogador! Jogador: Plans Daniel Steelsoul: Did not took long for you to intercept our plans, so, what do you want? Jogador: Peace Daniel Steelsoul: There will never be peace with that traitor Jogador: Traitor Daniel Steelsoul: He once served the King, but he robbed all the gold and departed to the exile, we would never allow him to spare his gold! Never, you hear? Jogador: Bye Daniel Steelsoul: PRAISE TO BANOR! Jogador: Hi Relaxed Bartender: Greetings, traveller Jogador! Jogador: Gold Relaxed Bartender: Gold? Ah? That was my part, after all those years! Jogador: Traitor Relaxed Bartender: If they think I’m traitor just because I got everything I deserved for my services, tell them I spare back the coins! Well, at last, what is left from it. If that’s what they want for giving me peace, then, so it be! Jogador: Bye Relaxed Bartender: Get lost! Missão 3: The precious treasure of the deep seas Agora que você possui a confiança do pirata e do bartender, sua missão será recuperar o tesouro mais precioso dos sete mares. Para isto, você precisará da ajuda dos Heróis, dos Bárbaros e dos Piratas! Jogador: Hi Player Level 1000: Get Lost! Jogador: Mission Player Level 1000: I’m sorry, we cannot fight a GOD by ourselves, not without further support and the help of someone who know all the secrets of the seas. Jogador: Secrets of the seas Player Level 1000: Only the bloodthirsty thief knows these secrets, he would never help me out! Jogador: Help Player Level 1000: Forget about it, even if my brother steps in, we still need the help of heros and mercenaries. Jogador: Mercenaries Player Level 1000: They are old by now, but the barbarians use to be the terror of the seas, and the only ones who dare to face a God. Only them would help me reach and retrieve the precious of the deep seas. Jogador: Bye Player Level 1000: Get lost! Jogador: Hi Raymond Striker: Be greeted. Jogador: Player Level 1000 Raymond Striker: That filthy rat was lined up with the Heros. But by now, they are not going to bother anymore Jogador: Hero Raymond Striker: They once fought by my side, nowdays they only seek easy profit. Jogador: Profit Raymond Striker: Ahh that was long ago, when we use to rule overseas, facing even the Gods to reach treasures long forgotten. Jogador: Hi Daniel Steelsoul: Greetings and Banor with you, Jogador! Jogador: Profit Daniel Steelsoul: We are old for adventures, but perhaps Avar Tar still serve if he has a helping hand. Jogador: Hi Avar Tar: Greetings, traveller Jogador! Jogador: Profit Avar Tar: I’m almost the last of my kind, I cannot fight alone! Jogador: Alone Avar Tar: If as least the traitor could help, I can might grant back his old armor, I think I can still find it in my armory Jogador: Hi Relaxed Bartender: Greetings, traveller Jogador! Jogador: Armor Relaxed Bartender: Oh, Avar Tar would grant me that back if I help? For Banor sake a Hero would never run from a battle! Tell Avar Tar that I’m coming, but only if hell’s coming with me, you hear? Only if Hell’s coming with me! Jogador: Hell Relaxed Bartender: The most feared warriors of these realms! Jogador: Hi Ajax: Whatcha do in my place? Jogador: Fight Ajax: Me old, cannot fight! Jogador: Hi Bron: Welcome to my humble hut, Jogador. Jogador: Sula Bron: WHAT? Even a GOD can bleed! Jogador: Bleed! Bron: In a battle, we can make anyone Bleed. Jogador: Battle Bron: Despite that we are old, we can still fight. Jogador: Old Bron: WHAT? He said that old cannot fight? I need about 100 Berserk Potions to make Brother Fight! Jogador: Berserk Potions Bron: Have you really managed to fulfill the task and brought me 100 berserk potions? Jogador: Yes Bron: I’m impressed! I’ll meet Ajax now! For the battle, for the tribes! Jogador: Hi Player Level 1000: Get Lost! Jogador: Mercenaries Player Level 1000: Afterall, we are ready to departure! Após 24 horas reais Jogador: Hi Player Level 1000: Finally we got back together and could enter Sula’s realm on the deep seas and with my brother’s help, we managed to escape alive. Here, take this a reward for your efforts. For now on, you will be able to buy one of this each month. But use it wisely! 15:46 You see a throwing star of Sula (Atk:250, Def:0). It can only be wielded properly by paladins of level 900 or higher. It weighs 199.91 oz. Quest Level 999.docx