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  1. Fire_Draggon

    Submissões - Missão 1

    I forgot to write my name/server in the post T_T Character: Fire Draggon Server: Quintera
  2. Fire_Draggon

    Submissões - Missão 1

    I decided to create my quest in the same timeline as the story, explaining in details why such events took place! I'll also tell it not as a narrator but mostl as a first-person view, based mostly in the chats, so it has a tibian atmosphere, since basically every quest in tibia is based on NPC chats and a fight here and there. All photos were taken without edition. That being said, let's begin! VILA SCAPULA QUEST Requirements: - Level: 50 (To access Black Knights room) - Costume Bag (retro) Dificulty: Low Rewards: - Black Knight Doll - Ring of Wishes - Native Armor - "Master of Puppets" Achievement - Access to Vila Scapula's teleport and NPCs (food, runes, potions, equipment, drinks) MISSION 1 - New Hope 1) Talk to Cornelia, in Carlin, about a mission Player: Hi Cornelia: Welcome to the finest armor shop in the land, Fire Draggon! Player: Mission Cornelia: Lately it's been really difficult to sell my equipment, from time to time a sailor called Yasir comes to Carlin and most of my costumers are now dealing with him... I can barely afford my rent!! I've heard that Abran Ironeye, the owner of the Venorian Ironhouse is buying all kinds of equipment... I wrote everything I have for sale in this parchment, I know it may be a desperate move but... Maybe he will be interested in buying... would you take this parchment to him? Player: Yes Cornelia: Thank you! Come back when you have some news. 2) Travel to Venore and talk to Abran Ironeye Player: Hi Player: Parchment Abran Ironeye: Let me take a look at this Parchment. Fast I'm a busy man! Abran Ironeye: Hmm... Cornelia from Carlin... She must be desperate to propose me a deal like this. This sounds like a good opportunity to expand my business. Abran Ironeye: I have high demand in almost all of these equipment, this is good. Tell Cornelia I accept the deal, she can send me the equipments as soon as she can. However, she will have to deal with the route, I've heard the dwarfs are getting greedier and greedier and I'm too busy to deal with that!! Player: Route Abran Ironeye: I've heard the dwarfs are getting greedier and greedier and I'm too busy to deal with that!! 3) Travel back to Carlin and tell Cornelia about the new deal Player: Hi Player: Abran Ironeye Cornelia: He accepted the deal? Thank you!! Did he mention anything about the route? Player: Route Cornelia: I'll have to find one?!?! OK OK, let me calm down a bit... Hmmm... The dwarven toll is too high... I need a new route, I've heard about a few merchants who managed to go through the Venorian Swamps. Player: Swamps Cornelia: There are dozens of Amazons and Witches there, it is too dangerous I cannot risk all my equipment without any kind of scout! Please, talk to Queen Eloise we need guards until we make a deal with the amazons!! Will you? Player: Yes Cornelia: Thank you! Come back when you have some news. MISSION 2 - New Route 1) Talk to Queen Eloise Player: Hail Queen Player: Scouting Queen Eloise: I understand, my beloved Cornelia needs our support, so she shall receive it! I'll send a small group of mercenaries lead by Blossom Bonecrusher, please accompany them in the Swamps and send my word to Wyda, a local Witch she's also an old friend, I'm sure she will let us pass! Take this 10,000 gold in case she doesn't agree so easily. 2) Go to the Swamps and talk to Wyda Player: Hi Player: Queen Eloise Wyda: Eloise is the queen of Carlin. I don't care much about royals but we used to be friends, years ago. She wants me to let her use this route to Venore? I'm ok with it, but the Amazons might be a challenge... They hate humans! Player: Amazons Wyda: Why the amazons hate humans? Because of the Ratha incident... It happened years ago, a human called Ratha came to the Amazon Camp and gained the trust of the Amazons. One of them fell in love with him and they even had a wedding set. But one night... she came home earlier after hunting some deers and found him with Xenia, another Amazon!! That's forbidden by the Amazon's Laws!! Player: Ratha Wyda: Of course Ratha was executed and his skull is still used today as reminder that the Amazons should never trust a human again! Player: Xenia Wyda: Xenia is confined in a prison, below the Amazon Camp. Although sometimes she manages to escape and spread havoc! Player: Trust Wyda: Hmm... There might be a way to regain Amazon's trust. Maybe if you can capture Xenia next time she escapes... If you do this, MAYBE the Amazons will trust you and grant you the passage you need! Take this Scum Bag and use it to capture Xenia next time she escapes! 3) Find and capture Xenia (rare amazon boss spawn) using a Scum Bag 4) After capturing Xenia, go back to Wyda Player: Hi Player: Xenia Wyda: Amazing, you captured Xenia!! Hopefuly she will remain locked this time! The Amazons are very grateful to you! You shall use this route from now on! MISSION 3 - Vila Scapula 1) Return to the Queen and report your doings Player: Hail Queen Player: Mission Queen Eloise: Amazing, you were able to gain the trust of the Amazons and stabilish a safe route! The Amazons are now prospering and they even founded a small base, Vila Scapula! All thanks to you. Queen Eloise: However, I'm afraid the Thaians might try something if they hear about this! Please, ask Wyda if she has seen any unusual activity. 2) Ask Wyda about Thaians Player: Hi Player: Thaians Wyda: Hmm... Now that you mentioned it, a couple of months ago a Thaian citizen passed by, asked a few questions, I thought he was just being curious, but maybe we should be careful. I'll increase our scouting, please ask Queen Eloise to send us a few soldiers so we can set up outposts! Will you? Player: Yes Wyda: Thank you! I'll wait for the Queen's response. 3) Ask Queen Eloise to send soldiers to protect Vila Scapula Player: Hail Queen Player: Mission Queen Eloise: So, they been visited by a 'curious' Thaian? This is suspicious... We can't let the Thaians threat Vila Scapula, Cornelia's and many others' lifes depend on it. How can I help? Tomorrow I'll send a group to stabilish outposts around Vila Scapula, please introduce them to Wyda. Player: Outposts Queen Eloise: Provide soldiers for outposts? That's a good idea! Tomorrow I'll send a group to stabilish outposts around Vila Scapula, please introduce them to Wyda. MISSION 4 - Black Knight 1) Return to Vila Scapula and introduce the soldiers to Wyda Player: Hi Wyda: NOOOO!! IT IS TOO LATE!! THEY ARRIVED YESTERDAY!! THEY SAID THEY WOULD TAKE OUR VILA SCAPULA AS AN OUTPOST! Wyda: Of course our villagers didn't allow it, so they killed all of them!! NOOOO! Wyda: I saw the leader of them... Bathed in blood... This... BLACK KNIGHT!! Player: Black Knight Wyda: I was so furious, so many of my friends were dead, I couldn't control it. I casted a spell to drown this abomination of a man in the swamp! But most of the village ended up under the swamp as well... What did I do?!?!? Wyda: I can't let all those lifes be taken in vain, we must assure the Black Knight is taken care of!! Wyda: There is a problem, though... Under the Swamps is the realm of the Bonelords Player: Bonelords Wyda: They are vicious creatures with magical eyes. The Black Knight is probably already under their control. Please, find a way to reach underground and use this Magical Voodoo Doll in the Black Knight, it will trap his soul into this doll, for all eternity! But stay away from the Bonelords, they are dangerous creatures! Wyda: I've heard rumors from a merchant about a perfect Bonelord disguise, he said it could be obtained inside Piñata Dragons. If you could acquire one of those, the Bonelords would never know you are a human! Will you do it? Player: Yes Wyda: Please, be careful! 2) Acquire Costume Bags (retro) from Piñata Dragons 3) Use it to disguise yourself as a Bonelord (might require a few tries) and infiltrate in the Bonelord Realm 4) Find the Black Knight and use the Magical Voodoo doll on him. When trapping the Black Knight's soul you will receive the Achievement "Master of Puppets". 5) When trapping his soul, the Magical Voodoo Doll will turn into a Black Knight Doll and the only thing left from the Black Knight will be his helmet... Empty in the floor. Pick it as a proof of your doings 6) Return to Wyda Player: Hi Player: Black Knight Wyda: You did it!! He is still alive inside the doll, sometimes it even moves a few centimeters HA HA HA his atempts to escape are futile!! There he shall stay for all eternity, as a punishment for his doings!! Wyda: Now that the black knight is taken care of... there's one last thing I need your help with... MISSION 5 - Second Chance 1) Ask Wyda if there's any mission left Player: Help Wyda: A small group of lucky people were in Kazordoon during the Black Knight's assault, so they survived. One of them, Epaminondas, have been asking me to create a portal to another dimention, in which they could rebuild Vila Scapula and remain safe! Will you help us rebuild Vila Scapula and keep it safe? Player: Yes Wyda: I knew you would help us! Take this Ring of Wishes, it will serve as a key to enter Vila Scapula, only those wearing it will be able to pass! Player: Vila Scapula Wyda: To enter Vila Scapula's dimension, ask me for a passage while wearing the ring and I'll get you there using my magic! 2) Go back to Carlin and tell Cornelia what happened Player: Hi Player: Black Knight Cornelia: What will we do? The amazons will never trust us again, and the dwarven fee is too high, I'll starve!! Cornelia: Wait, you said you still have the Helmet, right? Maybe the dwarfs will be interested in it? Since its Thaian steel with highest quality... It's worth a shot, right? Cornelia: Please, take the helmet to Emperor Kruzak, try to negotiate a lower fee in exchange for the Black Knight's Helmet, will you do it? I'd go myself but I have to take care of the shop! Player: Yes Cornelia: Hopefuly you will come back with good news!! 3) Travel to Kazordoon and negotiate with Emperor Kruzak Player: Hail Emperor Emperor Kruzak: Hiho, may fire and earth bless you, my child. Are you looking for a promotion? Player: Helmet Emperor Kruzak: That's a rare helmet, the one you are holding. Our folk been researching the Thaian armor for a few years, but we never managed to acquire one from a high-ranked soldier. Emperor Kruzak: Are you willing to sell this helmet? We dwarfs have a lot of gold, give me a number. Player: No Emperor Kruzak: No?? Is there anything else you want? Tell me, adventurer. Player: Toll Emperor Kruzak: Hmm... So you want us to lower our toll so Cornelia, from Carlin, could use our mountain route? Player: Yes Emperor Kruzak: Sounds reasonable, I'll accept the offer, please take this parchment. It has my signature and will grant you passage through the mountain with lower tolls. Emperor Kruzak: Humnog, please take the Helmet to Kroox. 4) Bring Emperor's Kruzak signature to Cornelia Player: Hi Player: Mission Cornelia: How did it go? Did he accept our deal? Player: Yes Cornelia: Thank you so much!! Please, accept my Native Armor as a gift!
  3. Fire_Draggon

    Missão 2

    Character: Fire Draggon Server: Solidera ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hey everyone, you are all invited to Portal Tibia's party!! Location: Vanwards Flats in Rathleton, Solidera. Come over! Why is Portal Tibia's party awesome? All kinds of cakes (carrot, chocolate, valentine's, cream) Meat, a lot of Meat! Who doesn't like Roasted Meat, a Rabbit or Boar's Haunch? Sweets! Besides the obvious cakes we got a lot of candies, demonic balls and hundreds of warm cookies, just out of the oven! Beverage: from Mango juice to banana chocolate shakes... one could even taste blood from a goblet!! If you don't like red meat, it's okay, we got all kinds of fishes and they are FRESH, our specialized cook, Soffei, made sure to bring an aquarium with fishes still alive and swimming! You smoke and don't want to annoy the person beside you? NO PROBLEM, we got a smokers area in which you can smoke and enjoy the fireworks from a closer distance. Yes, we got fireworks. Did I mention Fireworks? At the end of the party we will have the gift-opening session, this will be very promising. Spoiler alert: a lot of BIG boxes! Waste no time, come enjoy our party! Yours, Fire Draggon