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  1. Makadamia

    Vencedores - Missão 1

    OMG! Thank You!!! And parabens to the rest of the winners!
  2. Makadamia

    [RESULTADO] Concurso Tibia Wiki 10 anos!

    Hail! Thanks a lot! <3
  3. Makadamia

    Concurso Tibia Wiki 10 anos!

    Oh, by "creature card" i mean sth like this :)
  4. Makadamia

    Concurso Tibia Wiki 10 anos!

    Hello! I've got some questions about Mission 2: "Completely The Epic Wisdom!" Can it be drawn in a "creature card" style with a name of monster on the top and characteristic for Cipsoft artworks frame? Colourful pencils are allowed in this contest? If yes, then can we use aquarell drawing set (like KOH-I-NOOR Mondeluz) or "watercolor paint effect" isn't allowed? Thanks :)
  5. Makadamia

    Concurso Tibia Wiki 2016!

    Rules says, that we had to put our characters' names and names of sports in topic, not in topic's title.
  6. Makadamia

    Concurso Tibia Wiki 2016!

    Another question about Mission 1: We have to use ONLY colours like green, yellow, blue, red, purple, orange, white and black. Is it valid to use black pencil, making shades (creating different shades of gray)? Im not sure, cuz colour of pencil is valid, but intensity of this colour can change it from black to grey.
  7. Makadamia

    Concurso Tibia Wiki 2016!

    Hiho! So... when participant in Mission 1 win for example 3rd place he is automatically disqualified from Mission 2. But what, when his work deserves 1st place in Mission 2? I think that if this happens, people will feel treated unfairly. It will be a source of unnecessary discussion. Of course it's small chance that such a situation will appear, however it is possible. What is the solution? You will choose rewards from Mission 1 as priority and disqualify participant in Mission 2 or participant will be awarded with higher place (3rd place Mission 1 and 1st place Mission 2 - than player will be awarded only in Mission 2). Hope the answer will be helpful also for others :) My question: I've got problem with modern elements in olympics sports. Some of them requires equipment like bicycles, sport guns. So is it valid to change bicycle on horse in Tibia or change gun on bow/crossbow? Regards, Makadamia
  8. Makadamia

    [Contest] Inscrições / Submissions

    Character: Makadamia World: Harmonia