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  1. Hmmmm....... Honestly not only venezuelan contribute to it (inflation) it is well know that many players from around the world make money ingame to get profit IRL, you just need to look around for example on facebook where you can find many offers about differents things.... like coins/kk's/item/etc etc etc (lmao).
  2. dacil

    Alumni, Sonho Realizado!

    Congratzzzz!!!! @@Fairy Fox :3
  3. dacil

    O Outfit mais difícil de se obter atualmente

    O insectoid e chato d++++++++++++++++++++ Took me yearssssssssss :happy: :happy: Good luck on it kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  4. dacil

    O Outfit mais difícil de se obter atualmente

    OH BOY what a true history :happy: :happy: :happy: :happy: asslickers everywhere ajjajaajaj theres always an "unknow" noob girl like that :pretty sad: :so pathetic:
  5. dacil

    O Outfit mais difícil de se obter atualmente

    I need to agree with this list but the Deepling Outfit... I think that the Insectoid Outfit it's more difficult than it. XD (it's just quite annoying!) Also the items for the deepling outfit&addons are around 500k to 4kk max? is not that difficult to obtain. about the store I only found nice the old ones (added), all others are just potatoes lol **Anyway already have all these, I just need the hat ;)
  6. dacil

    Update lançado com sucesso!

    manha so? o dia todo msm kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  7. dacil

    [RESULTADO] Concurso Tibia Wiki 10 anos!

    Congratz @@Makadamia <3 :bunny:
  8. e vdd :/ e dificil msm.... mas ainda nao vou comer n :3
  9. Eu tenho o fruto proibido e nao comi ainda :happy:
  10. dacil

    Concurso Tibia Wiki 10 anos!

    D: no time now pd: I wanted to put small images
  11. dacil

    Concurso Tibia Wiki 10 anos!

    @@Jess I was editing my entry but I cant now! D::::
  12. dacil

    Concurso Tibia Wiki 10 anos!

    It's there any problem if I switched the colours of my creature?
  13. dacil


    Vote Submitted Thank you for your vote. Gz Pri!
  14. dacil

    Concurso Tibia Wiki 10 anos!

    Mission #2 - The photo should have NO type of editing. What does this really mean? only Not adding texts, picture frames or items to the image with graphic editor/photoshop? Coz, there are cellphones that can already take pictures with different type of light or picture mode which is a kind of edition. Also using scan you can low the quality of your image... wich you can fix by granting the colour i.e: Light,shadows, img saturation, etc. Will be that allowed in this case?
  15. dacil

    [Ilustres Anônimos] Aron o matador!!

    gostei! good job!