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    Saudações! Venho trazer mais detalhes a respeito do NPC Walter Jaeger. Walter foi implementado no último update (Winter Update de 2019) e oferece prêmios em troca dos pontos obtidos com o Hunting Tasks do sistema de Prey. Creio que essas informações compiladas por mim aqui podem ajudar a enriquecer a página do NPC na wiki. Os prêmios e os valores (HTP = hunting tasks points) pedidos pelo NPC para obtê-los:
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    English version: Hauopa! Have you missed Portal Tibia's birthday contest and missed this big celebration? Don't worry, you have a new chance to win fabulous prizes! Following the success of our contest and grateful for the commitment of all birthday decoration participants, we have decided on a new in-game decoration contest to celebrate this coming Christmas season! Don't forget the fundamentals of a good party: A table full of food and drinks, a Christmas tree and gifts! Mission Awards 1: 1st place: Epaminondas Doll + Rune Emblem of your choice + 150 Tibia Coins (delivered by Tibia Portal) 2nd place: Santa Doll + 50 Tibia Coins (delivered by the Tibia Portal) 3rd place: 50x Christmas Tokens + 50 Tibia Coins (delivered by Portal Tibia) Rules: The image should contain the words: "Merry Christmas, Portal Tibia!" The decoration can be made in Tibia places such as: Bank, Tavern, House, Guildhall, public places and etc. In the decdecoration or MUST have: a table full of food and drinks, a Christmas tree and gifts!! The party and decoration should be done in-game, using only Tibia client resources, without editing. For S.S uncheck Misc / Screenshots / Only Capture Game Window and send the full client screen. You can take an S.S. using the Print Screen system from your computer. Photos taken by capture programs will also be accepted as long as they have no edits and display the entire client screen. Just send 1 picture. Photo cannot be edited or cropped. Any external editing will imply invalidation of the submission; Non-official Tibia client and illegal program photos are prohibited; Only ONE submission per member; You MUST put your char name in the post of your reply; Submissions should be submitted by 23:59 pm (BRT) on 12/29/2019 in response to this topic. The selection of winners will be made by team vote, 10 submissions and among the selected we will make 1 LUCK to decide the winners!
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