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Epic Wisdom creation

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Character : Cadsy

Server: Mortera










Uman the Wise decided he needed an assistant, a human. The chosen should have certain characteristics, Uman stated,

"It must be a person interested in reading;
it must be a person who travels constantly;  
it must be a person who likes talking to people about intriguing topics;
it must be a person that is obssesed in solving quests;
it must be a person powerful enough to defeat his opponents"

With that said, the God started to observe the human race and identified the perfect man for the job.
His name was Epaminondas III, he was a young man that didn't have a place of his own, he was always
travelling around the world writing all his discoveries in books. Uman then decided to show himself in one of his dreams,

"You are the chosen one. Your mission in life from now on is to find me. You have to visit every library in Tibia to prove you are worthy of me.
But be careful, Zathroth may try to kill you in your journey. When you finish visit me in Plains of Havoc and I will compensate you with my power"

Next morning, he woke up and start his journey. As promised, he visited all the libraries in Tibia even the hidden ones...

Zaroth tried to kill him, he throw a lot of obstacles in his journey but that didn't stop him, he didn't sleep until he finished.
Finally he made it!

"You passed the test. Now take this hat, is The Epic Wisdom. All your knowledge will be kept in this item. Don't loose it!










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